Xmas Market Luzern

Hi All

On Saturday 6th, and Sundays 14th and 21st of december, I will be on the Christmas & Crafts market in Downtown Luzern selling my handmade jewellery and accesories.

You can find colourful rings, beautiful earrings and great necklaces. I also carry kids accesories and picture frames. All hand made and unique.

Come around if you want to get your Xmas shopping sorted out in one go. I have nice presents for everybody, from your mom to uncle Barry.

On saturday, the market will be open from 7am till 4.30pm and on sundays from 10.30am to 6.30 pm. And it take splace in the central streets of Luzern.

To find more about the Market, please go to or you can alternatively contact me here

See you all there
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